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Family Traditions


Family Traditions and Christmas Ornaments


Every family has traditions, some are passed down by our mothers and grandmothers. some are ones that we start when we start our own families. 

When Greg and Lisa got married almost 25 years ago, they decided to start a tradition of their own. They would buy Christmas ornaments when they traveled, whether it was for business or vacation. Each year when we pull out the ornaments, we look reminence about when we bought that ornament. Each ornament brings with special memories of times spent exploring a new location and finding local art and visiting with family.

Thus was born the inspiration to create ornaments for others. Last year was the first year to design and make the ornaments in their home studio,

This year they have added new wooden ornaments. 

This year Greg decided he wanted to try making ornaments in wood, after all, his first love (other than Lisa) was woodworking. 

Because sometimes you just have to play and have fun, we hope these ornaments put on a smile on your face like they do when Greg makes them. 

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Stice Family Selfie

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