Spring Box – Cherokee Copper

Spring Box

Wado, Thank you for connecting to culture and supporting Native American Artists and Business. We know how hard it is to find authentic Native American made goods. We go straight to the artist and work directly with them to bring you something special. This month's box features four Cherokee businesses. Meet the makers below.

Greg Stice --- is an award-winning, self-taught coppersmith who founded Cherokee Copper with his wife Lisa as a way to connect to family and culture.

MaryBeth Timothy -- Cherokee Painter and Illustrator is best known for her wildlife paintings and has her work in display in the Cherokee Museum. Her Sunflower is featured on the mug in our box. You can find her work alongside the art of her husband at Moonhawk Art.

Cherokee Artisan Baker Becky James of Beck-ary's Cookie Co. makes treats that are are as beautiful as sweet.

Moriah Stice is a third-generation Cherokee Artist who follows in her grandfather's footsteps creating modern graphic designs. She lends her designs to the stationery and it is her drawing that was turned into the Sunflower jewelry. Look for Mesmoe Art on the Cherokee Copper website.