Cherokee Copper Mystery Box - Small  Box

Cherokee Copper Mystery Box - Small Box

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Everyone needs a little fun in their life, right? This especially true right now. 

We have just the thing --- our mystery boxes promise something special for everyone. Each box is full of good things --and will be packed special just for you. 

What will you find in our mystery boxes? One of a kind gemstone necklaces, cuffs and more.  

Why are we doing this? We know that many of you are stuck in place right now and need a little pick me up. For a limited time, we are practically giving away our jewelry. 

$25 will get you over $65 of  Cherokee Copper Goodie

$40 will get you over $100 worth of Cherokee Copper Goodness.

This is the perfect time to take stock up for gifts and share Cherokee Copper with someone you love. 

We know you have concerns about the virus, Our jewelry is normally kept in a polybag until shipping.  We will be keeping it in those bags to ship for your safety.  But did you know that copper is anti-viral? The virus only lasts about 4 hours on it. 


***actual size of the box will vary depending on what is shipped.***