Lydia - Abalone Necklace – Cherokee Copper

Lydia - Abalone Necklace

Lydia - Abalone Necklace

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We are absolutely in love with this dainty abalone shell necklace. The green, purple and blue colors of this shell blend well with the copper setting and copper chain.  Did we mention that the shell is set in a way that the back is open? It is like getting two pendants in one. 

We have named this necklace for Lydia.  As a young widow, Lydia had the pioneer spirit. She set loaded up a covered wagon with her possessions and children and set out to make a better life for herself. She lived the pioneer life we read about in storybooks. Her young son Moses was just a teen when they settled in Etowah. She left him to tend to the property there while she moved to land that was better suited for the cattle. Moses is Greg's great grandfather. And that is your history lesson for the day. 

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