Mable Pendant Necklace – Cherokee Copper

Mable  Pendant Necklace
Mable  Pendant Necklace

Mable Pendant Necklace

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The colors of this stone take us to Pebble's house on the farm in Etowah. We drove by there last year. The house that Greg helped his grandfather build is still standing. Wish we could say that about the log cabin. 

Pebble's house was full of lots of deeply colored wood furniture hues of green. Reminders of this house have found their way into our lives today, from her quilts to her dining room table. The green calsilica is a beautiful stone and is complemented by the deer hide cord. 

Each piece in our Etowah collection is named for a person or place nearby. Mabel was a Stice, one of 

- Green Calsilica 

-Deerhide cord -24"

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