Sequoyah Pendant Necklace

Sequoyah Pendant Necklace

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We engrave a complete sheet of copper, brass or silver with the Cherokee Sylabary, After engraving we had punch the circles which are shaped to give them a convex dome. The little sister to our Sequoyah Necklace this simple pendant is a full 2" in diamete.

Sequoyah the father of Cherokee Literacy. Based on the Sequoyah Syllabary, this pendant is part of our Cherokee Heritage Collection.

Prior to Sequoyah, Cherokee was an oral language. Within a few months of introducing the script the tribe was literate. Books were translated into Cherokee and tribes members were writing and reading.

We print the full syllabary on a full sheet of metal and cut out the circles. Each disk is then domed to give it a convex shape. Because of this method each pendant is uniquely made for you. You can choose to have your pendant made in silver, copper or brass.

We at Cherokee Copper would like to do our part in our Cherokee Community. For every piece of our Cherokee Heritage Collection a portion of the proceeds will go to Cherokee Scholarship Funds to help our youth further their education.