Sha-con-o-hey -Shaconage Necklace – Cherokee Copper

Sha-con-o-hey -Shaconage Necklace

Sha-con-o-hey -Shaconage Necklace

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The mountains are special to many people, the Cherokee included. The Smokey Moutains in particular hold great signigicance. They figure in thier stories and legands. The Cherokee had a special name for the Smokey Mountains an it was Shaconge, pronouce Sha-con-o-hey. This set takes its name from the mountains that were so important to the Cherokee people. The Cherokee name for the Smokey Mountains was Shaconge - which means Place of Blue Smoke. 

Handcrafted from copper and pearl, two materials traditionally used by the Cherokee people for adornment. We have a limited number of these sets available 


Copper Pendant - approximatelty 2"

Freshwater pearl - 5 cm

Copper Chain