Unalii Copper and Green Turquoise Bracelet – Cherokee Copper

Unalii Copper and Green Turquoise Bracelet

Unalii Copper and Green Turquoise Bracelet

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Copper and Turquoise are a natural combination, literally, you might say they are like friends, where you find turquoise you are bound to copper nearby. --they are found together in both nature and in our Unalii bracelet.  This time we found some beautiful green turquoise. You are going to love how it looks with the copper.

We only use genuine turquoise and never used dyed stones. Though Cherokee used copper and mined it, turquoise was not available to them as it needed a more arid climate to form. It is quite possible they could have traded for it historically though. 

Today you can enjoy  this beautiful stretch bracelet - we have tested it and at 7"  it fits most wrist sizes, but if you need something different let us know we will be happy to help you out. 

Because these are natural stones, no two bracelets will be exactly the same.