Wolf You Feed Louella Cuff  By Cherokee Copper

Wolf You Feed Louella Cuff By Cherokee Copper

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The Wolf You Feed Louella cuff is a 3/8" wide cuff in copper engraved with the words Wolf You Feed in the Cherokee syllabary. 

Did you know it was originally a custom order? When our customers speak we listen. You asked for a slimmer cuff that you can stack or wear everyday. We delivered. 

Each Wolf You Feed Cuff comes with a card with the story of the Grandfather and the Wolf You Feed. 


Once upon a time, there was a Cherokee grandfather, who told his grandson, “Grandson, there are two wolves inside of me. One wolf is white, good and altruistic, generous and kind, and the other wolf is black, mean and greedy, violent and angry. The two wolves are in a constant fight within me.” The grandson, with wide eyes, says, “But which one will win, grandpa?” And the grandfather says  “The wolf you feed.”

Wear this cuff daily to remind you to feed the right wolf. 

Remember it is not just enough to starve the bad wolf you must feed the good wolf daily with good thoughts, and deeds. 


Customer Reviews

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Kelley Southern
Pretty but very flimsy

I was excited to get this, and I really wanted to love it but it is very thin and flimsy. I am an early childhood teacher and there is no way I would wear this to my job and I’m not sure where I’m going to wear it because I feel pretty certain that it’s going to get destroyed any place I might wear it too. Very disappointing but like I said it is very pretty.

Sharron A

Simply BEAUTIFUL and means everything to me! I am wolfclan and it explains me so well!

Melinda M

Shipping was very fast-my son loves it. Thank you!

Aubrie H

Wado! My mother is aniwaya tsalagi, and she's going to love this for christmas! Absolutely beautiful bracelet.

Beautiful conversation starters!

My husband gave me the Cherokee star necklace and earrings, and The Wolf You Feed cuff for Christmas. I LOVE THEM! They are so beautiful, and already great conversation starters.