Custom Gorget - Small Size
Custom small goget
Custom Gorget - Small Size

Custom Gorget - Small Size

Regular price $195.00

All of our gorgets are made by hand here in our home studio by Cherokee Artists Greg Stice. Greg has been crafting in copper since 2012

 We began making gorgets at the request of our customers.

Our design process is easy.  Our Small Custom Gorgets start at $195. 

 This includes materials and design time. 

Greg will work with you to create a design that embodies your ideas. 

You will have final apporval on the design before he begins to work on the gorget and he will send you photos along the wya. 

Browse the pictures below for a peek of some of our past designs.  Let us make something special for you today. 

 This is a made to order item. Custom gorgets take a little more time than our in stock items. The current turn around time for Custom Gorgets is 2-4 weeks. 

See the last picture for a compairison in size between our small gorget and our large gorget.