Love is the Reason





Love is the reason or so they say.  And in our case here at Cherokee Copper love is what started it all.  Well you say of course it did. You are a family business after all. But there is so much more to levels of love involved. Perhaps the first love for Greg was the feeling he had staying at his grandparents farm in Macombe, Oklahoma. It was on that farm where he spent summers that he learned to create and fell in love with making beautiful things. Whether he was helping his grandfather build the farmhouse, cooking in the kitchen with his grandmother Pebble Ross, or learning to sew on Great Grandma Katy Ross's sewing machine.  It was on the farm that Greg learned to value true craftsmanship and fell in love with creating. While in high school he had dreams of becoming an architect and building beautiful houses. He had plans to become an architect. Life is funny and Greg ending up changing his major, as many do. But it was on a summer internship that in Rhode island that Greg met Lisa, that is a love story for another day. But the story today is how Cherokee Copper came about. 

After Greg graduated college he found that Instead of building and making beautiful things, he was  helping others build and create businesses, but  something was missing. here was a need to make to create with his hands. Greg and Lisa settled down and bought a 1955 farmhouse outside of Tulsa. It came with a barn, which  was quickly filled with tools that came from the farmhouse in Pink, OK.  Woodworking was something that Greg has always loved. He started designing and making furniture in his barn. Working with his grandfather's tools, Greg felt connected to his past and his family creating  pieces for his children and home.  But again life has a way of pulling us in a different direction. A young family takes time as Greg was still building businesses and reading bedtime stories to his young girls he very little time for his creative pursuits in the barn. He started to look for a craft he  could practice with his family. 

After trying several traditional Cherokee Crafts Greg settled into metalsmithing and jewelry.  Cherokee Copper was started in the living room so that Greg could feed his need to create and be in the family fold. He quickly outgrew that space so a the home office was turned into the new studio.  Lisa was looking to start a  business in the fall of 2016.  She considered several options and  then decided to take the start up money and invest in Greg and make Cherokee Copper the business.She knew that others would love Greg's jewelry as much as she did.  Within one week of making that decision, she had the first designs for sale on Etsy with customers waiting. It wasn't long before the rest of the family joined Greg and Lisa making Cherokee  Copper a true family business.  Today Greg and Lisa and their three children, design and make beautiful jewelry that is imbued with Cherokee tradition and craftsmanship.  Keeping with Cherokee tradition they copper, silver, freshwater pearls and real gemstones, to create a look that is a modern. 

Cherokee Copper is a labor of love, started by love and nurtured by love. We love what we do and we feel that love when we see the smiles on our customers' faces.  With all the love floating around the home studio it is no surprise that it inspired our latest collection.  In fact we named it Inspired Love. 


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  • Laurie

    Oh, I just adore getting to hear stories like this. Love actually is everywhere! <3

  • Sarah

    I loved getting to learn some behind-the-scenes stories. What an incredible journey!

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