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School is expensive, and boy do we know it, whether your kid is playing a sport, playing the saxophone in the high school band)or pursuing their dreams in college.  

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Christmas in July

Christmas In July         Why ornaments?    One of our favorite things to do on family vacations is to pick up Christmas ornaments that remind of where we have been. We especially LOVE those handmade or artist made ornaments. On their honeymoon Greg and Lisa made the decision to pick up ornaments as their souvenirs. The sought out the handcrafted unique ornaments whenever they went somewhere. Each year their collection grew as the memories grew  Now when the ornaments are brought out and placed on the tree the stories and memories come out. "remember that time we went to the farmer's market in Switzerland, or do you remember which trip to New Mexico we got this ornament? ...

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Focusing on our Roots

  When we started this journey 2 plus years ago we had a vague plan and a general direction. Greg would make beautiful jewelry and Lisa would handle all of the aspects of the business About a year ago after listening to some wise people we began to focus on what we were doing best - drawing inspiration from Greg's Cherokee Heritage. This lovely piece was designed and made by our equally lovely daughter, She was inspired by the Cherokee Gem Glass Corn you see above.    We are a little biased here but we think ti is beautiful. Moriah first made this for the Cherokee Holiday in 2017,where it  meet rave review. We were beyond thrilled when the judges at the Greater Tulsa...

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