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The Etowah Story

  Etowah is an opportunity for us to be the keepers of the story.  Etowah is who we are and where we come from, both literally and figuratively. We carry the spirit of those who lived in this little one room schoolhouse town. We carry the spirit of those hard-working men who built houses of logs and of those brave women who were stalked by mountain lions.  We drew our inspiration for The Etowah Collection from the stories we have and the people we knew. We only wish we had more stories. It is our job to keep these stories and pass them down as a legacy to future generations.  Won’t you go with us in Etowah as we take...

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Three Ways to Celebrate Native American Heritage Month

Three Ways to Celebrate Native American Heritage Month. November is Native American Heritage Month -- There are so many ways to participate. Some ideas we love here at Cherokee Copper are -- Attend some of the Native American Cultural Events that are happening this month. - If you are in the Tulsa area a few places are offering cultural events. November 9 - The Gathering Place, November 16 -The Mother Road Market November 17 - Gilcrease Museum Read the works of Native American Authors ​There There by Tommy Orange Crazy Brave by Poet Laureate - Joy Harjo - Shop and Do Business with Native American Businesses B Yellowtail -Clothing Cherokee Copper -Jewelry and Gifts Northwest Native Designs -- Furniture and Decor...

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What Makes Cherokee Copper Different?

Cherokee Copper is not your average and ordinary family business. It isn't often that you more than one award-winning artist designing and making jewelry. Our jewelry is something different you won't find anywhere else because we make it ourselves in our home studio. 

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