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The Wolf You Feed - Which Wolf Will You Feed?

You probably already know about the symbolism of yin and yang - the two opposing sides of life that balance each other. The story of the two wolves resonates with us because it is about the duality that lives inside us all.  Even if you know the story of the Wolf You Feed it is important to re-read it as it delivers new wisdom each time.  The first time we read this story we realized the importance of not feeding the dark wolf but we neglected to feed the light wolf.  As you read this story, read it slowly, carefully out loud so that the words have time to sink in.  An old grandfather was teaching his grandson about life:...

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The Story of the Pinetree and the Sparrow

  Today I would like to share with you the story of the Pinetree and the Sparrow.  Back when the world was young and all of the animals and trees could talk to each other winter was coming. The Sparrow was injured and was not strong enough to fly away, so he sent his family on to the Southern regions and decided to stay behind and heal. Injured he knew he would not survive the winter without shelter. So he asked the trees for help. Sparrow went from tree to tree asking them to shelter him in the cold months. One by one they gave him excuses and refused to give him shelter. There was only one tree left, the...

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Sequoyah and The Talking Leaves

  Today I would like to tell you the story of Sequoyah, also known as George Guess.  Though he never went to school he was a man of intelligence and many talents. Raised by a single mother he learned how to run a store at a young age. In later years he learned both blacksmithing and silversmithing, but that is not what he is best known for.  Sequoyah noticed that the white men who came to his store communicated with "taking leaves". As a businessman he knew what an advantage that was. At the time there was no written language for the Cherokee. Language. Around 1809 Sequoyah set upon the task of changing that. At first he thought we would...

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The Water Spider or the Story of the First Fire

          In Cherokee Creation stories the story fo the The water spider is often called the Story fo the First Fire. These storeis are woven together  In the begining all of the animals  lived together in harmony on an island and when it rained they were wet and cold. The animals were cold so the bear had called a council and gathered all the animals, birds, and insects to discuss how they could keep from freezing in the winter. Many ideas were passed back and forth some suggested maybe we should get the sun to come out of the sky. Nothing was resolved, and so taking a break the animals walked out of the council house. A...

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The Etowah Story -- Chapter 1

    Etowah Oklahoma, a forgotten town that once was the center of life for families not far outside of Norman OK.  Around the 1900’s Etowah had two stores, a blacksmith shop, doctor’s office, post office and a cotton gin.  It was in this little community that the Stice family met the Ross family.  Charles and Katie Ross moved to Etowah from Oklahoma City in December of 1932 Mose Stice moved to Indian Territory with his widowed mother. He was not yet old enough to file a claim so his mother filed with the promise that if Mose would stay and help work the land, raise the younger kids then the claim would be signed over to him when he...

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