What Does Authentic Native American Mean?

What Does Authentic Native American Mean?

At Cherokee Copper, authenticity, community, and excellence are at the core of what we do. We're not just crafting jewelry; we're keeping traditions alive and ensuring they're handed down, continuing the legacy for years to come.

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Our pledge to authenticity goes beyond honoring our culture; it extends to respecting the laws that safeguard Native American arts and crafts. Such laws exist to protect artists like us. It's illegal to sell items falsely claimed to be Native American made, a principle reinforced by the Indian Arts and Crafts Act of 1990. Violations can lead to fines up to $1 million for businesses and $250,000 for individuals, not to mention the potential for five years of imprisonment.

It's disheartening to attend events and see "Native Inspired" goods, produced cheaply overseas, being misrepresented. This is why we uphold these standards, not just for ourselves but for all artists. At our markets, proof of tribal citizenship is a must, a requirement any genuine Native American artist meets with pride.

Our Journey Towards Authenticity

Cherokee Copper is more than a brand; it's a testament to a legacy we're building for generations. Our mission? To forge connections to Cherokee heritage through the art of coppersmithing, ensuring this traditional craft thrives. We're focused on creating meaningful jewelry for those who seek a genuine link to Cherokee culture. Our pieces, inspired by our history and crafted with traditional materials like copper, shell, and freshwater pearl, are made right in our home studio.

Celebrating Award-Winning Cherokee Artists

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Long before Cherokee Copper became known, Greg was already making a name in Native American art circles. Entry into these circles requires proof of tribal membership—a testament to the authenticity we cherish. Moriah, recognized for her exceptional beadwork,, clinched Best In Show at the Greater Tulsa Indian Art Show at just 19. Her brother Joshua, another talented coppersmith, earned his first award at 18.

TERO Certification: Our Commitment to Community

Our TERO certification from the Cherokee Nation isn't merely procedural. It signifies our unwavering dedication to the highest standards in Native American craftsmanship. You can find a list of all TERO artists here

Why Supporting Genuine Native American Art Matters

We know our customers value authenticity over mass-produced items.Supporting authentic Native American art enriches more than just your collection; it aids in preserving a culture, ensuring its survival for future generations.



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