Who we Are


Jewelry for that next Great Adventure.

Life is an adventure, whether you are exploring the world, blazing a trail in the corporate world, raising wonderfully happy children, saving lives, hunting down the perfect ingredients at the farmer’s market for dinner, or planning the museum gala. 

Our  Humble Beginnings 

From a young age Greg has enjoyed working with and making beautiful things with his hands, Lisa has always had a creative streak. Cherokee Copper was born in their living room in 2012, looking for a New Adventure we launched our online business in October of 2016. 

Cherokee Copper is a true family business, Greg, Lisa and their children, Moriah, Katie and Joshua all work in the business designing and handcrafting  jewelry. The jewelry is classic and timeless, simple enough to wear with jeans yet elegant enough  to wear for that special occasion. Our designs are authentic and inspired by Cherokee culture and heritage.  We use real gemstones, pearls and fine metals to create beautiful jewelry that is designed to be worn everyday. 

Greg is the lead jeweler. After a long day of work he looks forward to coming home and bending and hitting copper and silver, creating beautiful jewelry that is designed for you.  Lisa works alongside Greg designing jewelry and working on the day to day operations.

When we are not out enjoying our Next Great Adventure or designing a new beautiful piece of jewelry you can find us hanging around downtown Tulsa or enjoying our little piece of the country. 

We are so happy to have you join us on this Great Adventure.

Let us go along with you on your next great adventure.

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