Talisha - Preserving Cherokee Traditions With Basket Weaving

Talisha - Preserving Cherokee Traditions With Basket Weaving


In Cherokee culture, traditions, values, and art forms intertwine to create a vibrant tapestry that binds the community together. Among these cherished traditions is basket weaving – an art that goes beyond aesthetics and carries with it a legacy that has been passed down through generations.Talisha Lewallen, a contemporary Cherokee double-wall basket weaver, embodies this legacy with pride and passion.


talisha lewallen cherokee culture warrior

Talisha has dedicated over a decade to the art of Cherokee basket weaving, winning awards for her exceptional work. Her recent recognition at the Cherokee Homecoming Art Show highlights her talent and commitment to this traditional craft. For Talisha, basket weaving is not just a craft; it is a way to honor her ancestors and keep their stories alive. With each delicate weave and intricate pattern, she weaves together threads of history, tradition, and identity. Through her skillful hands and deep connection to her roots, she brings forth baskets that reflect the essence of Cherokee culture.

In an era where ancient traditions are at risk of being forgotten or diluted by modern influences, Talisha's dedication to preserving Cherokee culture shines brightly. As a mother of three and an active member of the Cherokee community, Talisha's life is a blend of modern responsibilities and cultural preservation. She balances her time between her family, her work and her dedication to basket weaving.  Teaching basket weaving classes, she understands the importance of passing down this invaluable knowledge to future generations – ensuring that the art of basket weaving remains an integral part of Cherokee identity.

Talisha's work serves as a bridge between past and present, connecting us with the wisdom and craftsmanship of those who came before us. Through her baskets, she shows us tradition and the preservation of culture is the key to a community's survival and thriving identity.


Cherokee Basket

As we celebrate Talisha Lewallen's commitment to preserving Cherokee culture through basket weaving, let us appreciate not only the beauty in her creations but also the profound significance they hold for her community. Her passion reminds us that art has the power to transcend time and preserve our cultural heritage for generations to come.

You can find Talisha at Talutsi Art on Facebook and Instagram 

Are you looking for a way to connect to Cherokee culture? Talisha enjoys wearing her designs made by Cherokee Copper, includling the Four Directions Gorget and her Abalone Earrings. 



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