Wolf You Feed Louella Cuff By Cherokee Copper

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The Wolf You Feed Louella cuff is a 3/8" wide cuff in copper engraved with the words Wolf You Feed in the Cherokee syllabary. 

Did you know it was originally a custom order? When our customers speak we listen. You asked for a slimmer cuff that you can stack or wear everyday. We delivered. 

Each Wolf You Feed Cuff comes with a card with the story of the Grandfather and the Wolf You Feed. 


Once upon a time, there was a Cherokee grandfather, who told his grandson, “Grandson, there are two wolves inside of me. One wolf is white, good and altruistic, generous and kind, and the other wolf is black, mean and greedy, violent and angry. The two wolves are in a constant fight within me.” The grandson, with wide eyes, says, “But which one will win, grandpa?” And the grandfather says  “The wolf you feed.”

Wear this cuff daily to remind you to feed the right wolf. 

Remember it is not just enough to starve the bad wolf you must feed the good wolf daily with good thoughts, and deeds. 


How Do I Care For My Copper Jewelry?

The Best way to care for your Copper is to wear it often  The natural oils from your skin will keep the copper, and pearls nice and shiny. Copper will acquire a beautiful patina over time. We feel that the patina is part of the natural beauty of the metal. 

As much as possible do not wear your jewelry when working out or doing any heavy physical activity that will cause excessive sweating. 

Clean your copper jewelry with a soft cloth if dirty you can use some liquid dish soap.

If you prefer, you can coat the metal with clear fingernail polis to maintain the shine. 


Why Does Copper Sometimes Turn My Skin Green?

Have you ever noticed a green tint on your skin after wearing copper jewelry? That is a chemical reaction between the copper, oxygenand the sweat on your skin. The process is called oxidization and is your body's way of absorbing the copper. Copper is an essential element and your body needs it. If you skin is turning green it is your body's way of telling you that something is missing. 


Where Can I Find Cherokee Copper In Person?

We are frequently asked if we have a store location. The answer is someday. But for now you can find us in cultural gift shops, museums and art galleries from Cape Code to Tahlequah. You can find our most up to date list of locations here.




Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Cherokee Richardson
I love it

I got them as gifts for my mom and I~ They are stunning, thank you so much!


This is such a beautiful piece of art! I love it THANK YOU!!

Teri Hunt


Reminds me of my Grandfather

My grandfather was Cherokee from Oklahoma. His great father had been removed from Georgia to Tahlaquah during the Trails Of Tears. He didn’t learn to speak English until he started school and could only attend Indian Schools. He LOVED telling stories to his grandchildren about the hardships his family endured but one of the best stories was the one about the Wolf. .When I wear the bracelet, I feel close to him as he and the story made a BIG impression on all of us. I love the bracelet. It’s simply beautiful!!!


This was bought a birthday gift and she looooved it! The story behind it was amazing a d so true the individual I bought it for. Glad I found your site🤩

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