Discover Tellico Pearls By Cherokee Copper

Discover Tellico Pearls By Cherokee Copper

tellico pearls by Cherokee Copper


Embrace Tradition with Modern Elegance

Our Tellico Pearls are not just  accessories; they are a bridge that connects contemporary aesthetics with the heritage of the Overhill Cherokees. 

The Spirit of Tellico

The Overhill Cherokee refers to the Cherokee settlements that rested on the western slopes of the Appalachian Mountains. Tellico, or Talikwa was an epicenter of culture and artistry in the Overhill area. Talikwa was the historical capital of the Cherokee Nation before removal to Oklahoma and  the present day capital of Tahlequah derives its name from Talikwa. Drawing inspiration from this ancient town, we've designed the Tellico Earrings to embody the essence of our Cherokee heritage.

A Modern Take on Ancient Adornment

Before Europeans came to the New World, ancient Cherokees used and cherished shell and pearls as traditional adornments. Pearls symbolize strength and resilience, formed when shellfish turn an injury into a gem. This transformation mirrors our journey as Cherokee people—taking the challenges and hardships of life and turning into triumph and beauty.


tellico pearls by Cherokee Copper

Uniquely Yours, Naturally Cherokee

Each piece in the Tellico line  is a one of a kind work of art, as unique as the individual who wears them. Each earring is carefully assembled by hand within the walls of our studio—our home. While we strive for consistency in color, the natural origin of these shell pearls means no two are exactly the same. They are more than earrings; they are conversation starters, connectors, and carriers of the Cherokee spirit.

Secure Your Piece of History

We invite you to become part of this enduring narrative. The Tellico Earrings are available now, but they are one of our most popular items and they do not stay in stock for long. Secure your connection to the Cherokee heritage; wear the Tellico Pearls as a symbol of strength, resilience, and timeless elegance.

Let's continue the story together, embracing both tradition and innovation, as we adorn ourselves with the beauty of Cherokee culture.


Cherokee Copper is more than a brand—it's a living legacy. With every piece of jewelry, we celebrate our history, our community, and the unbreakable bond of family. We are proud to share this journey with you.


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