Mother's Tear Gorget - A modern reminder of our past

Mother's Tear Gorget - A modern reminder of our past

At Cherokee Copper, we're not just creating jewelry; we're weaving stories and history into every piece. The Mother’s Tear Gorget is a profound symbol of our heritage, a reminder of the resilience and undying love of Cherokee mothers during the Trail of Tears. This piece isn't just an accessory; it’s a bridge connecting us to the past, honoring the strength of those who walked the path before us.


Mothers Tear by Cherokee Copper

A Journey of Resilience Imagine a peaceful evening at home, suddenly interrupted by the arrival of strangers, signaling the start of a heart-wrenching journey. This was the reality for many Cherokee families during the Trail of Tears. They were uprooted from their homes, leaving behind memories and lands they cherished. The Mother’s Tear Gorget encapsulates the essence of this journey, particularly focusing on the steadfast love and strength of Cherokee mothers.

Handcrafted Artistry In our studio, every Mother’s Tear Gorget is crafted by hand. Each piece is cut, shaped and hammered. We pour our heart and skill into each Mother's Tear Gorget , making sure it's as unique as the history it represents. Merging traditional elements with modern craftsmanship, this gorget embodies both the pain and resilience of the Cherokee spirit.

A Symbol of Elegance and Strength Our commitment to creating jewelry that is both significant and wearable is echoed in the Mother’s Tear Gorget. Cynthia's insight encapsulates this perfectly: it's noticeable but balanced, striking the right chord between elegance and statement. The earthy tones and lightness make it suitable for various occasions, whether you're dressing up or keeping it casual.

More Than Jewelry 

This piece is a conversation starter, a symbol, and a connection to our shared history. It’s for those who feel a deep connection to the stories and strength of the past. Wearing the Mother’s Tear Gorget isn’t just about adorning yourself with a beautiful piece of jewelry; it's about carrying forward the legacy and memories of Cherokee mothers, ensuring their stories continue to resonate.

In choosing to wear the Mother’s Tear Gorget, you’re not only embracing its beauty but also honoring and remembering the resilience and love of those who endured one of the most challenging journeys in our history.

Connect with your past. Wear a piece of history and keep the spirit of resilience and love alive in your heart.


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