Chef Jacque Siegfried of Natv- Cherokee Culture Warrior

Chef Jacque Siegfried of Natv- Cherokee Culture Warrior
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In the town of Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, there’s a unique restaurant named Nātv. Behind the doors of this special eatery is Chef Jacque Siegfried, a woman with a big dream. She wanted to create a place where people could taste and appreciate the traditional foods of her Cherokee heritage while enjoying a modern dining experience. With the support of her husband Ricky, Chef Siegfried turned this dream into a reality, and Nātv came to life​1​.

Chef Siegfried’s love for food began when she was just a little girl, baking sweet treats with her grandmother who was a pastry chef. Her father, a big food lover, also inspired her by having fun cooking competitions with her and her siblings. With six kids in the family, if you weren’t cooking, you were doing the dishes! Jacque did not like doing the dishes so had lots of opportunities to cook. These early experiences sparked a fire in Chef Siegfried, leading her to culinary school and then to work in various places including, front and back of house for restaurants,  country clubs and retirement centers.

Working in different kitchens made Chef Siegfried realize something important. She missed the traditional Native American dishes that connected her to her Cherokee roots. When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, it brought a lot of challenges but also a moment of reflection. Chef Siegfried wasn’t fully happy, and her husband saw this. He encouraged her to chase her dream of opening a restaurant that showcased Native American cuisine. With a lot of love and effort, they found the perfect spot in Broken Arrow to open Nātv​.

The menu at Nātv is like a beautiful storybook of Chef Siegfried’s Cherokee culture. She crafts dishes that are inspired by traditional Native American recipes, but with a modern twist. One of her special dishes is the Three Sisters Stews, which is a warm and hearty meal. She also makes a creative version of quinoa, a healthy and tasty grain. What’s even more special is where the food comes from. Chef Siegfried makes sure to get the meat and other ingredients from local farms, especially from Cherokee farmers. This way, she supports her community and ensures the food is fresh and authentic.

The journey of Nātv and Chef Siegfried caught the eye of many food lovers and even got a shout-out from Southern Living magazine as one of the top restaurants. 

Nātv is more than just a restaurant for Chef Siegfried. It’s a dream come true, a place where she can share her Cherokee heritage with others. It's not just about filling the stomach, but also feeding the soul with rich cultural flavors. Through Nātv, Chef Siegfried invites everyone to take a bite into the beautiful and tasty world of Native American cuisine. Each dish tells a story, and with every bite, diners get to experience a piece of Cherokee culture, blended with modern culinary creativity.

 Nātv stands as a delicious testament to Chef Siegfried’s love for her heritage and her culinary expertise. So, the next time you find yourself in Broken Arrow, why not stop by Nātv and taste the wonderful journey Chef Siegfried has curated?

Chef Jacque is seen wearing the Three Sisters Earrings and Necklace designed and made by Moriah Stice of Cherokee Copper. 



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