Bradley Dry - Chef, Writer, Forager and Cherokee Culture Warrior

Chef Bradley Dry Cherokee Culture Warrior

In the rich tapestry of American cuisine, there has been a renaissance of Native American cuisine.

One of the chefs in that movement is  Bradley Dry, a Cherokee citizen, acclaimed chef, writer, and proud forager.

Bradley’s  culinary explorations are  helping rekindle an appreciation for Cherokee traditions and foodways across the country.

Based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Dry is an enthusiastic advocate for his heritage. Bradley  brings forth the wisdom imparted by his grandparents and other family members, interweaving these ancestral practices into his cooking wherever he goes.

We met  Bradley at the Saline Courthouse, a historical Cherokee Nation district court. The area is home to a natural spring where watercress flourishes. Dry's eyes lit up when he spied the plant growing on the banks of the creek.  He fondly recounts how his grandmother used to forage for watercress and create a flavorful side dish with it. He continues her tradition today, blending traditional foods with contemporary culinary techniques to create dishes that are a fusion of old and new and deeply rooted in Cherokee culture.



foraging lesson

Another  plant that captures Dry's attention is the curly dock. Often unnoticed by the untrained eye, Dry regards this plant with a culinary perspective, pointing out that its seeds resemble amaranth and can dry roasted or  popped like popcorn, presenting yet another fusion of old-world knowledge and contemporary cuisine.

Bradley Dry was raised amidst the foothills of the Ozarks and the bubbling creeks of Delaware and Mayes County, not far from the Saline Courthouse where we met up with him. 

“ If we don’t know where we are from, we won’t know where we are going," says Dry, underlining the value of heritage and identity. He sees himself as a conduit, ensuring that Cherokee culture thrives, not only in the realm of cuisine, but also in the broader strokes of contemporary American life.

When asked what he loves about Cherokee culture, he asserts, "Being a member of a proud and beautiful culture." Indeed, his passion for his culture is vividly reflected in his work, from his foraging practices to his blending of traditional foods and modern cooking. 




In Chef Bradley Dry, we have  the compelling story of a man who's reshaping the American culinary landscape by incorporating Cherokee traditions, bringing forth a culinary evolution that is as delicious as it is culturally significant. Whether it's through cooking on set for a tv show,  or an immersive dinner experience, he invites us all to taste a piece of history, and in doing so, allows us to understand and appreciate the rich cultural heritage of the Cherokee people. His work underscores the fact that food is not just sustenance; it is a thread that connects us to our past and directs us towards our future. Through the flavorful journey he offers, we learn the invaluable lesson: heritage forgotten is an identity lost.

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