The Timeless Appeal of The Ross Cuff

The Timeless Appeal of The Ross Cuff

The Timeless Appeal of the Ross Copper Cuff


Ross Copper Cuff by Cherokee Copper

When it comes to jewelry, sometimes it's the simplest pieces that make the most profound statements. Enter the Ross Copper Cuff, a testament to how age-old craftsmanship can still captivate the hearts and eyes of many in our modern era.

A Humble Beginning The Ross Copper Cuff's origin traces back to the initial days when Greg ventured into the world of jewelry. Starting off with a modest copper bracelet, little did he know that it would evolve into a piece so sought-after. Everywhere he went, people would approach him, questioning where they could find a cuff like his. With a nudge from Lisa, Greg finally decided to recreate the magic for everyone.


ross copper cuff handmade by cherokee copper

Passing the Torch While Greg pioneered the creation of the Ross Copper Cuff, the mantle has now been passed on to the younger generation. Joshua, Greg's son, has taken over the reins, ensuring that the legacy of the Ross Cuff continues. Each cuff, still made by hand from start to finish, is a testament to the seamless blend of age-old tradition.

Craftsmanship at Its Finest Each Ross Copper Cuff is carefully crafted from a single piece of copper. This isn't just any cuff – it undergoes a meticulous process where it's bent and hammered to perfection.

The result? A sturdy and durable bracelet that promises longevity. If you need proof, just take a look at Greg. A decade later, he's still spotted with that very first copper cuff, as fresh and radiant as the day he crafted it. And the best part? This cuff is versatile enough for daily wear. In fact, Greg hasn't spent a day without it since!

Greg 10 years ago wearing the original ross cuff

For Everyone and Every Occasion The Ross Copper Cuff is for everybody.  Want to elevate your jewelry game? Stack it up with other bracelets for that chic layered look.

A Note on Delivery Since the Ross Cuff is handmade with a lot of care, it's always in high demand. So, when placing an order, factor in an additional day or two to our standard shipping time. And remember, all these dazzling pieces of jewelry come straight from our studio in Oklahoma. Please give us 5-10 days before we ship it out to you, ensuring that each piece gets the love and attention it deserves.

Hear It from Our Happy Customers

  • Lonnie G: "Very nice copper cuff, reflects light beautifully, love the hand-hammered look!"

  • Rita H: "-I adore this piece. Super comfy to wear and even sleep in. It's just so pretty!"

  • Remi: "Gifted it to my enisi, and she was over the moon! Wado!"

  • Julia: "Superb quality copper. It's everything I hoped for and more. Will be back for another soon!"

  • Brian: "Initially got it for myself... but my wife snatched it up! Guess who had to order a second one? The craftsmanship truly is impeccable."

  • Mitziwarriorprincess: "This copper cuff is simplicity married to elegance. The hammering makes it almost shimmer in the light. Loved the attention to detail in packaging as well. I'm gifting it for Christmas, and I'm so glad it arrived quickly. Would definitely purchase from this seller again."

In conclusion, the Ross Copper Cuff is more than just a piece of jewelry. It's a tale of passion, craftsmanship, and timeless elegance. Whether you're getting it for yourself or as a gift for a loved one, it's bound to captivate hearts.

Get Your Own Ross Cuff here and connect to Cherokee culture today.



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