How Do You Say I Love You In Cherokee?


How do you say "I Love You" in Cherokee?

how do you say I love you in Cherokee - Greg and Lisa Cherokee Copper

The phrase "I Love You" means so much more in Cherokee than it does int English. There is no direct translation of those words from English to Cherokee. For most people the words "I love you" means a romantic love. 

The meaning is much deeper in Cherokee. The words in Cherokee mean so much more. The Cherokee meaning of love means - I will give up my comfort so that you will be comfortable, I will give up eating so that you may have food. The deepest meaning of I love you in Cherokee is that I will give up my life for you. 

Who do you know that loves you like that?

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  • Kieran Conners

    I have a heritage of Cherokee, my great grandmother was a full blooded Indian, I’ve decided to look into it including the language because i want to learn about my heritage and maybe even be apart of it, so learning this just makes me look at love and the words “i love you” in a whole new way because to them it isn’t a simple “i love you” it has a lot of meaning behind it and now i know how much my grandmother must’ve loved her family.

  • Shelly Been

    My husband loves me that much. We will be celebrating 21 years of marriage in July.

  • Shirley Varner


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