The Etowah Story -- Chapter 1

The Etowah Story -- Chapter 1


Etowah Memories


Etowah Oklahoma, a forgotten town that once was the center of life for families not far outside of Norman OK.  Around the 1900’s Etowah had two stores, a blacksmith shop, doctor’s office, post office and a cotton gin. 

It was in this little community that the Stice family met the Ross family.  Charles and Katie Ross moved to Etowah from Oklahoma City in December of 1932

Mose Stice moved to Indian Territory with his widowed mother. He was not yet old enough to file a claim so his mother filed with the promise that if Mose would stay and help work the land, raise the younger kids then the claim would be signed over to him when he was of age. 

When Mose arrived on his land all he had was his team of mules. He built a dugout house to live in while he cleared the land and built a two story log cabin from hand cut and hewn logs. 

One day he and a friend were walking by a field and they saw a girl working there.  He told his friend “that’s the girl I am going to marry”. They began courting shortly after that and were married in 1896. That girl was Nora Hutchinson. 

Life wasn’t always easy out in Etowah. One day Nora went to go find a cow that had not come back for milking. She took her little sister with her to go down to the creek bottom where the  cows liked to graze. Before going down to the river bottom she sat her little sister on a fence post and told her to stay there. When she came back with the cow the little sister said a big furry scary cow had come up to her but she didn’t didn’t do anything. When Nora investigated she found mountain lion tracks. This was not the last run in Nora had with a mountain lion. She was stalked one time while walking to a neighbors house to deliver some baby clothes. She knew not to  run, instead every once in a while she would drop a diaper which distracted the mountain lion. 

These are the stories of the people and the place that is called Etowah. We are eternally grateful that Pebble, Greg's grandmother had the foresight to compile all of the stories and publish this book. Yes, publish as it a copyright and one copy to the Library of Congress.


If you have read this far you probably want to see what we were inspired to create. You can find the Etowah Collection here



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    Carol Winkler Buckmaster: June 09, 2022

    Where can I purchase a copy of the book The Etowah Story?

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