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Our Customers Make The Best Designers

We would not be where we are without our customers. Seriously, we mean it.  How is that? Let's go back a couple of years. We were aproached by a customer to create something special for her family. She wanted to  give everyone a custom cuff, engraved with the words, the Wolf You Feed in the Cherokee Syllabary. We knew she had something here that needed to be shared with all of customers and we were right. This cuff ended up being one of most people designs to date.  Now our customers have a way of lifting us up. This year a customer asked us to create the Wolf You Feed Key Chain. Really, why didn't we think of that? We...

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Back to School Edition

School is expensive, and boy do we know it, whether your kid is playing a sport, playing the saxophone in the high school band)or pursuing their dreams in college.  

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