The Story of the Pinetree and the Sparrow


Cherokee Copper Pinetree story

Today I would like to share with you the story of the Pinetree and the Sparrow. 

Back when the world was young all of the animals and trees could talk to each other winter was coming. The Sparrow was injured and was not strong enough to fly away, so he sent his family on to the Southern regions and deccided to stay behind and heal. Injured he knew he would not survive the winter without shelter. So he asked the trees for help.

Sparrow went from tree to tree asking them to shelter him in the cold months. One by one they gave him excuses and refused to give him shelter. There was only one tree left, the lowly pine tree. So with no hope left Sparrow made his plea to the pinetree. Sparrow said "Pine I am injured and not able to fly south, would let me shleter in your branches until my family returns?" 

Now Pine was a humble tree and thought to himself ::what can I do?" but his heart heard the plight of Sparrow and said "My branches are small and my leaves are more like needles but you are welcome to what I have" And so Sparrow spent the cold winter with Pinetree. 

When the Creator saw what happened he called a council of the trees. and said to them. "You who have so much and would not share with Sparrow will now lose your leaves in the cold time. BUT Pine because you gave so much you shall keep your leaves in the coldtime. 

And that is why the Pinetree keeps it's green throughout the year. 


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